From SNAPPING 🤳 to PACKING 🛫 in one click

instafly is a Visual Booking Extension for your website and mobile app.
Simply upload any landmark picture, and Instafly will get you there! Get destination details, how to get there, and where to stay.

Unique Value

instafly Visual Flight and Hotel Search for your website or mobile app, is just a REST API call away, you don’t have to create, deploy or maintain any backend, your engineers will love it, we provide sample client code in several programming language.
instafly API integrates well with Navitaire Amadeus, Sabre, Lufthansa open API, TravelPayOuts and many others.


instafly’s revolutionary technology makes fixing your dream vacation a reality by just uploading an image or Instagram link!

Simply upload any picture any worldwide landmark and instantly receive all the flight and hotel details directly.


As a leader in the travel industry developer, we know the you are always looking for innovative ways to increase your customers engagement, leading to more travel bookings.

instafly is the world’s first Visual Booking API that allows your site vistors and social media followers to upload a picture of a destination and immediately receive flight and hotel booking options.

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